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Detailed Instructions

Centennial College departments may request Faculty/Staff/Student pictures to be used for official college business, including and not limited to presentation prior to exam writing. In order to have your Centennial College ID card ready for you upon your arrival, we ask that you submit a color Passport style PHOTO in jpeg format. You may submit a color snapshot showing a full front view of your head and shoulders according to the requirements shown on this site.

By submitting this photo for your College ID you agree this photo may be used by Centennial College. Please contact the myCard Office if you have questions about the Centennial College Photo Identification policy or visit the Centennial College website at

To begin, click on the “Get Started Now!” button on the home page.

STEP ONE: Take Your Photo


The above photos represent acceptable photos. Notice they are very similar in size and requirements of passport photos.

When taking your photo, please use the following as guidelines to ensure your photo is accepted:

  • Background should be plain
  • Photos must be in color
  • Should be taken in full-face view, directly facing camera not a profile
  • No sunglasses
  • No headwear (unless religious purposes)
  • High-resolution photography is strongly recommended
  • Do not have any other object or person in the picture
  • Photo must be taken in the last 6 months and must be in likeness of your current appearance

Have your picture taken according to the diagram below:

Once you have a properly formatted photo, please proceed to Step 2. You will have the ability to crop your photo, if needed, in Step 3.

  • To proceed to Step 2 you must select the “Terms” check box by clicking in the box on Step 1 of the photo upload site as shown below.

Click the “Continue to Step 2” button.

STEP TWO: Upload Your Photo

This page displays your account information used by the photo upload application:

Click on the “Choose File” button to browse for your photo. On mobile devices it will start your camera or open the file explorer app. If you’re using a computer, this will launch a dialog box in your browser. You can snap a picture with your mobile device or select the location of your file. Once you have selected the photo’s file location, select it by clicking on the “Open” button in the dialog box.

Click the “Continue to Step 3” button to upload your photo to the system.

STEP THREE: Edit Your Photo

If needed, you can use this tool to rotate, crop or resize your photo. You will be able to compare your photo with a sample on Step 4. You can also remove the file and start over. When you are satisfied, continue to Step 4.

Click the “Continue to Step 4” button.

STEP FOUR: Preview Your Photo

Compare the sample card photo with your uploaded photo shown in the preview.

  • Click on the button that answers the following question:

Does your photo look like the given example? Yes or No

  • If you selected yes, continue to the next paragraph that explains your acceptance and understanding of submitting your photo using this on-line tool. You must select the check box by clicking in the box to continue with the photo upload process.

Click the “Continue to Step 5” button.

STEP FIVE: Good Job! You are done!

Thank you for submitting your photo to the Centennial College myCard Photo Upload Site.

Your photo has been successfully uploaded to our myCard database.

Student or Employee is provided a tracking number to track the status of their photo. The student or employee will receive a confirmation e mail photo successfully submitted and then an approval e mail when the photo is approved or declined e mail if the photo is declined including the reason for the decline, e.g. beach in the background.